Dreams of Witkacy

Premiere 7th October 2022 in Madrid, Réplika Teatro.

Dreams of Witkacy draws its inspiration from the world of the Polish poet, playwright, novelist, painter, photographer and philosopher Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (”Witkacy”, 1885-1939). The performance combines music, video and movement to showcase an absurd depiction of tomorrow’s novel dreams.

The Finnish-Spanish coproduction resumes the collaboration between Quo Vadis and Madrid-based Réplika Teatro. The goal for the collaboration is to explore what it means to be an individual in a changing society, where the absurd has become the new normal. In what kind of a new social, cultural and ecological environment do humans and other species live? What interactions are possible and when? In the Witkacy dystopias the individual becomes part of a machinery, which has turned them numb in many ways. Dreams of Witkacy wants to give the individual a chance to survive: this happens through a community of new and fresh dreams.

The absurd decadence of Witkacy also creates the performance style: blurring the lines between life and death, the presence of violence, the reckless unpredictability of revolution, the impulsiveness of love and sexuality…

Quo Vadis and Réplika began their collaboration at The Tampere Workers’ Theatre (TTT) residency in June 2021. This was the starting point of a series of workshops in Finland and Spain.

Dreams of Witkacy is multilingual, the spoken languages are Finnish, Spanish, English and Polish. The premiere is in October 2022.


Direction / Mikolaj Bielski

Script / Marko Järvikallas

Composition, musician / Victor Heitzmann

On stage / Miguel Deblas, Eeva Karoliina, Minerva Kautto and Maija Rissanen

Producer / Krista Mäkinen


Réplika Teatro (ES)