The Nomads of the Finnish theatre

… When deeds become poetry and poetry turns into deeds…

Quo Vadis was founded in 1985, and ever since it has been a professional theatre group creating its very own esthetics and stage language. In the last 33 years the group has become an internationally acknowledged and awarded global player with regular guest performances in e.g. France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Sweden and Poland, and recently also in Iran and Chile. Quo Vadis cooperates with several theatres and theatre-makers across Europe.

Quo Vadis’ activities concentrate on working methods that support time-wise long and careful processes. Performing and further development of the performance often alternate, and new material might be created even after the premiere. These flexible production processes enable an investigative approach to theatre making, which does not consider the performance just as an end result, but also as a mean to do research and constantly raise further awareness and understanding. The process becomes as important as the performance itself.

Quo Vadis has been a nomad theatre without its own permanent stage since the very beginning. The performances have taken place in theatres and theatre festivals, but also outdoors, in a boat, private homes and in a special yurt that was Quo Vadis’ trademark for many years. More than 50 productions have been staged and carried out in Finland and abroad, including drama, dance, lecture performances, children’s performances, music, poetry, videos and literary publications.


Theatre Quo Vadis
C/O Eskus, Kaasutehtaankatu 1/33
00540 HELSINKI, Finland



Artistic Director

Minerva Kautto

Mimmu ja Maija 1

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