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19.11.15 (3)

Saving mama: Minerva Kautto


”Saving Mama” is a story about a girl, Mommy and the Blue. Girl feels sad and in need of mother’s comfort, however Mommy is captivated by the Blue in the unkown world. Girl bravely looks for her Mommy going the long way in the desert and the blue sea to the distant snow-capped mountains. Finally, Mommy is saved and they are both happy to be together.

Saving Mama is an adventure tale about how brave children can be when their mother is depressed. The word depression is not mentioned in the text.

Set designer and actress Nina Mansikka Annina Rokka created magic felted costumes that display landscapes, the characters and their adventures. Afterwards, writers Markku Hoikkala and Otso Kautto wrote a play specifically for these costumes.

18.11.15 (13)

Saving mama: Minerva Kautto


Saving mama: Annina Rokka

Performance is best perceived by children older than 5 years.

Playwrights: Otso Kautto ja Markku Hoikkala

Director: Otso Kautto
Set and costume design: Nina Mansikka
Light and sound design: Juha Tuisku
Actresses (depending on the language): Annina Rokka, Minerva Kautto, Eeva Putro.

Performance is available in 7 languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Spanish, Deutch and Russian.

Stage requirements: 3 х 3 m
Theatre can bring own sound and light equipment, if so agreed.
Maximum number of spectators: 100 people.

Marko Järvikallas, director, mjarvikallas@hotmail.com, cell: +358504645998

Actress Minerva Kautto

  Actress Annina Rokka

Saving Mama -video, actresses Annina Rokka and Minerva Kautto:

Saving Mama actress Annina Rokka:


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