Teatteri Quo Vadis

Theatre Quo Vadis



TEMPTATION – ghosts, refugees from reality

Työryhmä / working group:

Käsikirjoitus / Written by: Järvikallas – Kautto – Witkievicz
Ohjaus / Directed by: Otso Kautto
Koreografia / Choreography by: Ninni Perko
Musiikki ja valot / Sound and lights by: Roy Boswell
Esiintyjät / On stage:
Roy Boswell, Marko Järvikallas, Kati Kallio, Minerva Kautto,
Otso Kautto, Ninni Perko, Mika Piispa ja Maija Rissanen

Teos sisältää kaktelmia Witkiewiczin näytelmistä, jotka on kääntänyt Daniel Gerould

Temptation includes fragments from Witkiewicz’s plays translated by Daniel Gerould

Kuvat / Photos by: Sanni Suosalo
Graafinen suunnittelu / Graphic layout by: Hanna Sakara
Tuotanto / Production by: Henrietta Ikonen


Temptation: Otso Kautto



(The ghosts of) Quo Vadis present together with Sivuun Ensemble  a fresco of movement, poetry, theatre, music, images and messages. Temptation is inspired by the work of Witkiewicz.Temptation brings to the stage 8 ghosts trying to communicate and connect with the living ones. Using four barricades the ghosts build spaces and create frontiers, the light and sound is made from the stage. The magic of scenes makes ghosts visisble for the living ones, and the traces of life that never happened can be shared.

Philosophy: “We have the reality but you have the life.”

Politics: “The living ones have denied our existence. Reality and life belong to everybody.”

Aesthetics: “You look one of my paintings – No, you look one of my paintings.”              

Temptation is inspired by the work of Witkiewicz and it combines a grotesk style and humour, visual arts and mythical approach to Witkacy’s philosophy: the human existential curse is, that the living are dead, but the dead must keep on living..

Temptation premiered at Pepek Swiata -festival that took place 24th to 28th of September 2016 in Zakopane, Poland. Quo Vadis was invited to tailor a performance to the festival by Teatr Witkacego based on their previous visit to Poland with Ritual 2.0    

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