Ikarossuunnitelma (The Icarus Plan)

Roskista rakennettu enkeliveistos, jolla on punainen lasisydän.


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Tue 14.11.2023 19:00 › Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, Kellariteatteri › LOPPUUNVARATTU!
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Premier in Tampere Workers’ Theater, Cellar Theatre on 14th Nov 2023!
Duration: not yet known
Language: Finnish

A tragicomedy about faith, angels and waste management

Behind the big city lies an abandoned landfill, an eternal monument to decades of waste management. Its maintenance is overseen by a forgotten landfill inspector engaged in sheltered employment, also known as the “King,” along with his seasonal worker, the “Lackey,” who has grand plans to profit from methane. There is also a woman known as the “Native” who frequents the landfill and whose greatest passions revolve around archery. When a frantic employee of the Social Insurance Institution, who possesses genuinely remarkable psychic abilities, arrives at the scene, fleeing from the police, a series of events unfolds. Archangels and seraphim are encountered, faith is both believed in and tested, love is found and lives are taken, the “Icarus plan” is put into motion, and it is learned that discarded objects possess not only a history but also a soul. It is discovered that miracles are present and attainable all around us if we simply keep our senses open.

The members of the workgroup have been producing material for the artwork throughout their entire lives and have also participated in angel therapies and workshops.

Before and during the performance, the workgroup is in contact with angelic beings of light and ascended masters, conveying their loving power to the audience. Viewers may be exposed to this energy and, if desired, can draw upon it for their spiritual well-being.

Working group

Direction and text / Marko Järvikallas
Costume and set design / Noora Salmi
Light design / Jaakko Sirainen (TTT)
Sound design / Jarkko Tuohimaa (TTT)
On stage / Minerva Kautto, Maija Rissanen, Mika Piispa, Pyry Äikää
Producer / Krista Mäkinen


Tampereen Työväen Teatteri

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