Ikarossuunnitelma (The Icarus Plan)

Roskista rakennettu enkeliveistos, jolla on punainen lasisydän.


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Tue 14.11.2023 19:00 › Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, Kellariteatteri › LOPPUUNVARATTU!
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Premier in Tampere Workers’ Theater, Cellar Theatre on 14th Nov 2023!
Duration: not yet known
Language: Finnish

Comedy on faith, angels and waste management

At Mount Hermon, a former landfill site, a unique community thrives by its own set of rules. Harri holds the role of supervisor, a position that has long been obsolete. Simo, on the other hand, is an intern whose internship period never appears to conclude. Tuuli attempted to start a new life in the city, but it ended in disaster, prompting her return to her own people.

An exciting and touching series of events unfolds as Arja, a former social insurance official, goes on the run and becomes lost on Mount Hermon. In her past life, she had encountered profound spiritual revelations, but now it appears that those forces have forsaken her. Will she reconnect with them with the assistance of her new friends? Is she in the process of forming a cult and positioning herself as its spiritual leader? Why are the police seeking her? And what does the entire community commit to with the Icarus Plan?

The Icarus Plan addresses the longing for faith and the experience of the sacred through the means of gritty comedy. The play is also a description of community, cult and love. Have we lost faith? What kind of yield can we expect when people have exchanged spirituality for rapidly vanishing material possessions?

The working group has been developing material for the play through workshops in various regions of Finland since 2020. The actors have engaged in improvisation, conducted research, attended lectures, and even experienced angel healings. Marko Järvikallas has written a play based on this collected material.

Working group

Direction and text / Marko Järvikallas
Costume and set design / Noora Salmi
Light design / Jaakko Sirainen (TTT)
Sound design / Jarkko Tuohimaa (TTT)
Special props artist / Marloes van Son
On stage / Minerva Kautto, Maija Rissanen, Mika Piispa, Pyry Äikää
Producer / Krista Mäkinen


Teatteri Quo Vadis and Tampereen Työväen Teatteri

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