Louna-Tuuli Luukka has been appointed as the Director of Theatre Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis, a theatre company based in Helsinki, continues its work in uncompromising stage art with renewed strength. With Louna-Tuuli Luukka joining the team, the artistic direction of the theatre takes a step towards performance art.

Dramaturg, director, and performance artist Louna-Tuuli Luukka has been selected as the Director of Theatre Quo Vadis. Luukka impressed the selection committee with her strong artistic vision and written expression, her knowledge of the independent field, and her interest in developing group dynamics. Luukka will begin her role in February 2024.

“We are excited to see the direction in which Luukka will take Quo Vadis both artistically and organisationally. The theatre is embarking on something new, and it requires both vision and practical implementation. Louna-Tuuli Luukka brings both of these to Quo Vadis,” says Hanna Nyman, the Chairman of the Board.

“I feel both curious and confident. I wish Luukka a very rewarding journey with Quo Vadis!” comments Minerva Kautto, the current Artistic Director of the theatre.

Louna-Tuuli Luukka
Louna-Tuuli Luukka is a Master of Theatre Arts and a Drama Instructor who has worked as a dramaturg, director, and performance artist for over ten years.

“As a newcomer to Quo Vadis, I anticipate our future collaboration to be organic and agile. I recognize in Quo Vadis the artistic values and working methods that are important to me, such as research-oriented and process-based approaches, multidisciplinarity, the ethos of staying on the move, and the ideal of uncompromisingness, as well as the emphasis on working across multiple locations and internationality in creating performances. We are both mobile players in the fields of theater and performance art, and moreover, we are only a few years apart in age. Quo Vadis aims to stay in flux, and so do I!” describes Luukka the upcoming collaboration.

Theatre Quo Vadis
Theatre Quo Vadis is a touring professional theatre founded in 1985, known for its multidisciplinary stage productions, multilingual children’s theatre, and international productions.

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