Feeri – Unta ja totta

Piirroskuva kahdesta lapsesta, jotka leikkivät juoksevan sängyn päällä.


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Duration: 40 minutes

Language: Finnish

Age recommendation: 4-8 years

Wonderfully wild adventure tale about friendship

Two children meet.

”Where am I?”

”Haven’t you been here before? I always come here when I fall asleep.”

”This is a dream?”

”This is Feeri, it’s a place.”


In Feeri, two children go on a journey together learning what the meaning of friendship is, how friends speak to one another, how they touch one another and how they can go through furious conflicts without their friendship falling apart. They learn to look through the eyes of the other and feel for the other.

In Feeri sleeping is an adventure and dreams are reality. Or is waking up more real? How does one know they’re awake? And can a seed planted in Feeri appear as a basil plant in your garden?


Swedish: Feeri – Dröm på riktigt

Spanish: Feri – Sueño y Realidad

Working group

Direction / Otso Kautto

Script / Otso Kautto, Minerva Kautto, Maija Rissanen, Kolina van den Berg

On stage (two actors) / Kolina van den Berg, Minerva Kautto, Maija Rissanen

Costume design / Marjaana Mutanen

Set design / Per van den Berg

Music / Pierre Fourmeau

Producers / Krista Mäkinen / Anne Sofia Ojala

Artwork / Ilja Karsikas