Theatre Quo Vadis is looking for a theatre manager 

Theatre Quo Vadis is looking for a theatre manager to plan repertoire and manage operations from the start of 2024 onwards. Applicants should have both local and international experience in theatre and the performance arts. Applications are accepted until 30.4.2023.

Theatre Quo Vadis is a professional theatre that has been creating its own aesthetics and on-stage modes of expression since 1985. Over the years, the troupe has developed into an award-winning theatre that travels all over the world. Quo Vadis embodies uncompromising artistry. Its name asks: where are you going? hinting at movement and change, the values without which it is difficult to create new types of expression.

Quo Vadiksen Tuki ry is a registered association that acts as the employer and receives support from the Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Helsinki. The theatre is managed by a theatre manager. The theatre manager works in close partnership with the producer.

The new theatre manager for Theatre Quo Vadis will begin their employment at the start of 2024 and accept responsibility for planning the theatre repertoire at the start of 2025. The theatre manager is responsible for the (operative) management of daily theatre operations.  In addition to artistic work, their duties include the development and coordination of projects and networks, managing and representing the theatre, planning financing arrangements, and making grant applications together with the producer. Acting as a supervisor is also included in the job description. The theatre employs a permanent part-time producer and no more than 20 fixed-term freelancer theatre artists annually. The board of directors for the association will act as the supervisor for the theatre manager. 

Applicants are expected to be familiar with the free field of theatre and the performance arts, with theatre and the performance arts internationally, with repertoire planning and team management, and with financing arrangements in the arts generally. Previous experience in the planning of the artistic programming of theatre and an awareness of artistic production are considered advantages. 

Successful performance on the job requires good communication and cooperation skills, fluency in English, and an independent approach to working. The theatre is currently performing repertoires in Finnish, English, Spanish, and French. As such, diverse language skills are considered an advantage.

Applicants need a degree in art or culture or a similar field, or corresponding experience acquired at work. The theatre manager will work in Finnish and/or English. The theatre has a desk at the Performance Arts Centre in Helsinki, and the job may require travelling in Finland and abroad.

The employment is fixed-term, starting on 1.1.2024 or as agreed, and continuing until 31.12.2027. It is then possible to agree on a two-year extension option. The job is part-time with 50% working hours. The salary for part-time employment is calculated on the basis of 100% monthly salary, which is 3,000 to 3,300 euros depending on experience. The employment is subject to a probation period of six (6) months. 

The current artistic director will continue working until the end of 2023, or with a mutually agreed transition period, and will take part in the onboarding. The producer and the board of directors of the association as the employer will also take part in the onboarding.

Please submit your free-form application by 30.4.2023:
Interviews will be held during weeks 19 to 21. We will let the applicants know of our decision by 1.6.2023.

More information (Mon–Thu 3–6 PM):
Chairman of the board (2020–2023), Annukka Pykäläinen tel. +358 41 513 2334
Artistic director, Minerva Kautto tel. +358 44 252 9812
Producer, Krista Mäkinen tel. +358 50 303 5029