TariNoita: Syntytarinoita (The Birth Stories)


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How I became me

The Birth Stories performance tells about northern living conditions, what it was like when you were born and growing up here. Stories have been gathered in personal meetings from those who now belong to our oldest generations.

The performance is a collection of  moments on the wide spectrum of life. It leans on folk poetry, folk tales and folk music.  


In the TariNoita-project (Tarina:tale, Noita:witch), Annina Rokka collects children’s and elderly people’s stories and ideas and transforms them into performances. For this she uses improvisation and a method called sadutus = ”tale-isation”.

Sadutus is a Finnish method, in which a person is asked to tell a tale. This tale is written down word for word. In doing this the interviewer settles down to listen to the teller of the tale, to give them their time and show interest and respect to the thoughts of the tale teller. The teller is not interrupted nor led in any way during their story.

This project utilises performing arts, music, theatre and dance professionals for the encounters with different people and the interpretation of their life stories.

The TariNoita performances (in Finnish only):

TariNoita: Syntytarinoita (The Birth Stories)

TariNoita: Ainon päivät

TariNoita: Sotalapsi (War Child)

TariNoita: Tervehdys

The performances can be booked separately or as a collection.

For more information please contact Annina Rokka: annina.rokka[at]gmail.com, +358407644706